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  • Finding a unique SSL certificate is definitely easy. All you are required to complete is complete the submission form in your Website Control Panel. You need not get an account using a third–party supplier, there’s no need to loose time waiting for days to weeks for one’s SSL to become set.

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Install

  • We have efficiently eliminated the need for manually configuring any kind of SSL for one’s websites. When a domain name is hosted with us, you will have your brand new SSL certificate quickly applied and set up to be able to work, without the need for any kind of regular configurations on your end.

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  • 24x7 Support

  • The 24x7 support staff is constantly on line, eager to assist. Should you have questions concerning your current SSL certificate, or simply need help installing it for your personal site, we are there to guide you. And also we offer an typical reply time of below 20 mins.

SSL Prices

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SSL 1 year
Regular SSL $19.00
Wildcard SSL $109.00

SSL with HOST-TR - The best reliable hosting

An SSL certificate adds a quite functional safety layer to your website. In the event you operate an e–shop and get money charges, then an SSL Certificate is definitely a must–have as it can substantially enhance the customer’s believe in your web site.

With HOST-TR - The best reliable hosting, you can acquire your brand new SSL Certificate from your personal web hosting Control Panel. Of course, if your domain name is hosted at HOST-TR - The best reliable hosting, we will quickly install the SSL Certificate instead of you. Zero other installation or manual setting are needed.

In addition to the traditional SSL, you can also get a Wildcard SSL certificate. A Wildcard SSL Certificate may be linked to a lot of hostnames concurrently. This is really helpful to be able to secure multiple sites all at once.

SSL, both regular and wildcard, accessible at HOST-TR - The best reliable hosting, feature an authentic 2048–bit data encryption as well as a $10 000 USD warranty.You can purchase an SSL certificate with all of our web hosting solutions – Linux hosting and Linux dedicated servers hosting.

Whois Privacy Protection

Safeguard your private registrant data

Via your Control Panel, you can easily shield the WHOIS info associated with your domain, which, by default, is published on the World Wide Web for everyone to see. You simply have to request the Whois Privacy Protection functionality to be activated for your domain and then your registrant info, including your name, email and physical address, will be automatically substituted with fictitious info.

This particular service is available with the majority of the generic and country–code domains offered on our site.

Whois Privacy Protection

DNS Record Management

Get complete control of your DNS settings

The Domain Manager has an inbuilt Custom DNS Records section through which you’ll able to manage all kinds of DNS records for your domain name. With just one click of the mouse, you can set A, AAAA, MX, NS, CNAME, SRV and TXT resource records and modify them anytime you like! Simply fill in the new value for the DNS record that you’d like to add and then press the Add button!

Via the Domain Manager tool, you can even set nameservers for your domain and convert a DNS record to its former status with one single click!

DNS Record Management

Domain Name Redirection

Point your websites to every other host on the net

With our domain name forwarding tool, you’ll be able to point a domain or a sub–domain in your account to any web site that you want. This tool has a user–friendly interface, which enables you to forward the (sub)domain names of your preference with just a few mouse clicks. Hence, you won’t have to cope with tricky modifications to the .htaccess file.

To redirect a domain, just indicate the destination path it should follow and our clever tool will carry out the rest for you and will instantaneously redirect the domain to the new location.

Domain Name Redirection

Fully–Featured Domain Manager

Modify name servers, set up subdomains, etc.

In the Control Panel there is a point–and–click domain name management tool with a myriad of features for managing many domain names at a time. You will be able to quickly set up sub–domains, redirect websites, edit the name servers and the WHOIS information pertaining to a domain, set custom DNS records and a lot more.

Aside from the standard domain controls, in the Domain Manager you’ll also find an option to mask your registration info using the Whois Privacy Protection service and to secure your online store’s financial transactions with conventional or wildcard SSLs.

Fully–Featured Domain Manager

GeoIP Redirection Tool

Immediately create location–based redirects

In our Domain Manager you will find an easy–to–work–with tool, which will permit you to filter out your web site traffic on the basis of the visitors’ physical location. With HOST-TR - The best reliable hosting’s GeoIP location tool, you can easily configure location–based redirects and send people to specific parts of your web site. For instance, you’ll be able to send the US visitors to your index page, and the visitors from Spain to a sub–domain – es.your–website.com, for instance.

With this simple tool, you will no longer need to enter dozens of lines of code in the .htaccess file. Everything’s handled by the tool itself.

GeoIP Redirection Tool

Multiple Domain Name Administration

Multiple domain name control done correctly

Working with our Domain Manager is extremely easy, no matter if you’ve got one or many domain names to manage. Via its intuitive interface, you can select many domains at a time and renew them (for one or several years), change their nameservers or update the WHOIS info associated with them instantaneously.

In the event that you also have a hosting account with HOST-TR - The best reliable hosting, you will be able to manage both multiple domain names and multiple websites all at once from just one place.

Multiple Domain Name Administration

24/7 Support Service

HOST-TR - The best reliable hosting’s support team is here now available for you 24 hours a day

A 24/7 technical support service is included in our domain management plan. HOST-TR - The best reliable hosting’s support engineers are eager to assist you with any difficulty that you might have registering, transferring or administering your domain names. For instance, if you desire to modify your domain’s name servers, but are not aware of how to accomplish that, just let us know and we’ll lend you a hand.

You can get in touch with our client support team via e–mail or via the tech support ticket system. You can also use the telephone or the live chat service during business hours. We offer a 1–hour tech support ticket response time guarantee.

24/7 Support Service

Wildcard Domains

Create a wildcard domain with merely a click of the mouse

With the help of the Wildcard DNS functionality, you will be able to make all your subdomains redirect to the home page of your site. For instance, when someone types in any.domain.com or smth.domain.com, they’ll go to http://domain.com/.

You may need the Wildcard DNS option for a multi–site app like Joomla Multi–Site or WordPress.

To activate a wildcard domain name, proceed to the Domain Manager section of your Control Panel and then hit the Add Host button on the right. At the bottom of the list of options, you will see the Wildcard Domain tickbox.

Wildcard Domains
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