A backup of a website is a copy of its content, that's kept on a different hosting server and may be restored if something happens. This function is very effective, considering that you cannot know if a script update will not fail or if you will not eliminate something by accident - a file, a folder, a database entry, etc. If your Internet site is backed up, it can be restored the way it was prior to when the issue appeared, so there won't be any damage, or at least it will be small, based on the particular case. Keeping backups on your personal computer is not very feasible, as you'll have to do it at least once daily and you may still lose information if your last backup isn't recent enough. In this light, you will need to rely on your hosting provider, so you must double-check their policy on the backups, as some providers create backups just once per week, that will do no good if a problem occurs with a website which is being used and updated all of the time, like an online store, for example.
Daily Data Back-up in Hosting
All files and databases hosted under a hosting account on our cloud platform are backed up regularly, so regardless what happens with your site, we will have a copy of your content and we will be able to restore it quickly. We've surpassed what other providers can offer in this regard, due to the fact that our system creates a backup at least 4 times each day. If you'd like any content to be restored, you ought to contact our tech support team via a trouble ticket and they shall do what's vital inside the hour, restoring the content from the particular date you want. However, you may also browse the backups via your Hepsia Control Panel. They shall be listed in the File Manager section and sorted by date and time. Restoring an Internet site is as easy as copying the files from the backup folder to the live domain folder, so even if you have minimum knowledge, you will not have any difficulties.