Linux is a popular Operating System, that is commonly used for web servers, given that it features a wide variety of advantages over other Operating Systems. It's regarded as being the most secure OS out there and owing to the way it functions, corrupted files will simply not work. As Linux is free to use, no license fees shall be included to the price which you'll have to pay for your web hosting service. That, subsequently, makes it possible for the provider to customize the Operating system in accordance with what they and their customers want, removing unwanted packages to optimize the Operating system and the server’s performance. Linux servers typically come with the Apache web server software, which processes site access requests. Apache is also free and easy to customize, not to mention that it's very fast and light in terms of the system resources it requires. LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) is the software environment which a lot of the most well-known script apps require – Moodle, WordPress, Joomla, etc. The LAMP configuration is the most commonly used one worldwide, because it is stable and easy to maintain.
Stable Linux with Apache in Hosting
All the web servers which are part of our revolutionary cloud website hosting platform run Linux so as to ensure their fast and stable operations, which will consequently result in far better overall website performance. This is valid for each and every site that you host within a hosting account with our company. Each part of the web hosting service (emails, databases, files) shall be taken care of by its own group of servers, so only 1 type of processes will run on a given web server, that will contribute to the fast loading speed of your Internet sites even more. You could use HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Python and almost any other web development language for your Internet sites, as they all can run on a Linux machine. In addition we use the Apache web server, as our experience over the years has proven that it is probably the ideal piece of software of its type.