We acknowledge the fact that you could have vital info on your virtual or dedicated web server, so we offer an optional backup upgrade which you can add at any time. While shared website hosting servers are backed up on a regular basis by all hosting providers, this isn't the case for standalone hosting servers, so if you do not keep a copy of your files on your pc, you risk losing important information in case something goes wrong - deleting something by mistake or updating a script-driven app unsuccessfully, as an illustration. With our additional service, we shall make a backup of your information on a different server as to make perfectly sure that we will have a good copy all the time and that we're able to restore everything just how it was before the predicament showed up. The optional upgrade will help you manage your content without worrying about possible problems of any sort.
Weekly Backup in Dedicated Servers Hosting
If you select one of our Linux dedicated servers hosting, it will take you just a couple of clicks to include the backup service which we offer, so you won't need to stress about any important data that you have on the hosting server. The upgrade features 50 gigabytes of disk space on a separate server and goes through on a weekly basis. You'll be able to obtain it alongside the dedicated hosting server and have backups from the start or you can include it in an existing account via the billing CP. The standard backups are also included within our Managed Services bundle, that shall make the management of your dedicated server less difficult given that it incorporates other useful features also - OS updates, custom work from our admins, and so on. With a copy of your info kept securely, you can work on your web sites and keep them up-to-date at all times because you will always have a backup which can be restored in a couple of minutes if anything fails.